Archaeoinfo, after which this site was named, is an information system for recording, analysis and reporting of Archaeological sites with special emphasis on excavations. It can also be used to record and analyse archaeological materials in general.

Archaeoinfo was developed between 2001 and 2006, after which all development stopped. Although the program still works, it no longer runs smoothly. The changes to Microsoft Windows over the years have created problems with screen updating, and further you must have Microsoft Access 2003 installed in order to run Archaeoinfo 2.0.

The user interface for Archaeoinfo is in Danish and English. There is an extensive manual in Danish on the use of Archaeoinfo, but unfortunately not in English.

You will no longer be able to download Archaeoinfo from this web site, but if you mail me on I will send it to you. Note that your mailbox must be able to receive a 30 Mb file. Alternatively I can send it using WeTransfer.