The East Jutland Project

In the late seventies, I formulated a regional settlement project. For various reasons, mostly of a practical nature, the project was never taken very far and eventually it ended in a mothproof bag.

In 2006, when I left the University I took up the project again. I have worked steadily since then on collecting and recording data.

The following documents explains the background and objectives of the project and the basics of recording, organising and presenting the data in the catalogue

Background and objectives (Sep 2018)

Recording, organising and presenting data (Sep 2018)

By the beginning of 2017, I stopped entering new data into the catalogue and by February 2019, it was ready for publishing.

The catalogue contains large amounts of hitherto unpublished material. Thus you will find extensive information on my own excavations of the causewayed enclosures and settlements at Aalstrup (150203 Falling), Toftum (160508 Søvind) and Bjerggård (160512 Vær). For further information on unpublished excavations, you may also look at the parishes 150212 Saxild, 160306 Tamdrup, 160502 Hansted and 170403 Hatting among others.

The catalogue that contains 908 pages comes in two versions: an ordinary version for screen viewing and printing (75 Mb); and a high-resolution version aimed at high quality printing (216 Mb).

To avoid problems with online preview due to the extraordinary size, both versions are packed in zip files for direct downloading.

The ordinary version comes with miniature pages for fast scrolling and bookmarks that will allow you to jump from parish section to parish section, but Please note! If you read the pdf in ordinary browsers like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge the miniature pages are not available, only the bookmarks. You need a dedicated pdf reader like Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download).

Download the ordinary version (Feb 2019)

Download the high-resolution version (Feb 2019)

I am currently working on the second volume containing the analysis of the collected data and the synthesis. Early in 2019, I optimistically stated that it might be available in 2020, but things take time and some more than others do, like a full-sized publication. I now hope to have completed the writing by the end of 2021, and to this then comes the publication process.

Meanwhile, in Nov 2020, I have published a paper – “From the borderland between two cultures. The Funnel Beaker culture and the Single Grave culture in central eastern Jutland” – that reveals some of the results of the project. It is available here in two versions: The original paper in Danish with an English summary, and a page-by-page transcription in English of the Danish version. In the latter, following the Danish version, all information including figures and endnotes are presented on paginated pages synchronized with the Danish version.

Download the Danish version (Jan 2021)

Download the translated version (Jan 2021)